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Albania is changing at a frightening pace. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest developments to the road network and infrastructure. That’s why you need to book your Albania tour with experts who really know the country.

We’ve been running Albania tours since 2014, and have built an unrivalled reputation as the go-to tour operator for unusual and imaginative trips.

Book an Albania tour with us, whether self-drive or with one of our friendly drivers, and you are guaranteed an experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Albania Tours

We offer a variety of different tours, from self-drive to private guided

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Self-Drive Albania Tours

We have used our exceptional knowledge of Albania’s rapidly changing road network to create self-drive tours that can be realised using ordinary road cars. Ideal for couples and families looking for independent adventure.


Albania Group Tours

Back in the old days, we offered unique scheduled group tours – travelling across Albania and Kosovo by 4×4. Now that the unmentionable situation seem to be settling down, we’re bringing our group tours back, with new itineraries to reflect Albania’s rapidly changing infrastructure.


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Private Tours

We have an unrivalled reputation for our tailor-made private guided tours. If you want to explore Albania with one of our experienced drivers or guides, then let us know and we’ll put create an extraordinary experience for you.


Gastronomic Tours

In our view, Albania is the leading gastronomic destination in the Western Balkans. In Former Yugoslavia the food culture is grill-grill-grill, whereas Albania offers extraordinary variety in comparison. A new generation of ambitious young chefs are re-interpreting traditional dishes and gaining an international reputation.


Illustrating an Albanian gastronomic tour

We’re keen to bring more travellers to Dibër, a previously hard-to-reach region that has suddenly gained a good road connection to Tirana – and a new airport

When we started out, back in the dark ages of 2014, half of the original team came from Peshkopi, capital of Dibër region (or “Dibra”, if you prefer). So inevitably we found ourselves in the mountains of Dibër every few weeks, often drinking raki in ramshackle bars.

Drive Albania’s Dibër contingent has moved on (one is now in the US Navy, the other married in Mexico) but we retain our love for all things Dibër, and hope to introduce this wild and beautiful region to more travellers in 2022.

The drive from Tirana – previously a four-hour slog – has been cut to about an hour-and-a-half with the opening of the new Rruga Arberit highway, and there’s even a shiny new airport in the city of Kukës. Change is coming, so we recommend getting to Dibër sooner rather than later.

Showing Albanian infrastructure

Discover Dibër – the real Albania

Old man in Radomirë, Albania

The Albanian Riviera

Albania has beaches…

End your Albania tour with a few days on one of the most beautiful and unspoiled Mediterranean coastlines.

Drive Albania Tour Reviews

We have been creating unique Albania tours since 2014.

Drive Albania Tours started out as a specialist in Albanian 4×4 adventures, taking intrepid travellers to the most remote parts of the country. Today we have an unrivalled reputation for private guided and self-drive tours, and create unforgettable tailor-made experiences from gastronomy to trekking.

Yes Theory in Albania

During the deranged insanity of the lockdowns, when most of Europe was a no-go zone, life in Albania continued pretty much as normal. In February 2021 the guys from popular Youtube channel Yes Theory got in touch, and we ended up showing them around for a few days. This is their video. 

Eva zu Beck in Albania

Back in December 2020 we took YouTuber Eva zu Beck to one of our favourite village guesthouses, high up in the mountains of Kurvelesh. Her visit coincided with a pretty big storm, but we got her there without any dramas (ignore her screams!). Three years on, Kurvelesh is connected by an asphalt road, so anyone can visit easily on a self-drive tour. 

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