“We had an amazing trip to the south of Albania! From the first contact with Ed to the final goodbye at Tirana airport from Nik (Kreshnik), our guide and driver, all went great. The trip was as we envisioned in our request: explore as much as possible the ‘real’ Albania, stay away from tourist traps and crowds and get to see how ‘real’ people live. Nik was a treasure trove of history, culture, politics and everything else. He knows his country like back of his hand and he seems to know everyone (and everyone seems to know him….) so he/we were treated like locals. The only downside: we ran out of time (but that was out problem).”

George Grunberger, September 2023

Margil was an amazing guide. He was prompt, energetic, extremely knowledgeable and highly personable. He genuinely likes people and loves to show off his country. Notwithstanding this, he doesn’t shy away from its less savoury past snd present. We left with an abiding love for the country and a great appreciation for its people. They are remarkably resilient, hardworking and engaging. We would go back tomorrow if we could.

Christine Robertson, June 2023

Nik, our tour guide, did a fantastic job showing us his beautiful country. At our request, this was a personalised tour with some new destinations which sometimes presented challenges. Nik was always able to handle well any unexpected circumstances. The ride was at times a bit rough, but that is to be expected when traveling some not so good roads in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The food was excellent, specially the salads and local ice cream. The pace of the trip was perfect for two retired couples and Nick was ready to assist with any question or necessity. Great experience. Thank You.

Cecilia Ruiz, June 2022

“Ed put together a wonderful itinerary taking into account our specific wishes and really listening to what we wanted. Originally we had planned to self-drive but in the end opted for a driver and guide. This was the best decision. Ardi was fantastic and having him with us for most of the journey (Ed stepped in a for a few days) really made a difference. Their knowledge of Albania meant that we were really able to enjoy the country and learn about its past, present and future. They were also great company. We would love to travel again with Drive Albania.”

Stephen Leader, July 2021

“We can’t even say how wonderful this trip was! Both Ardi and Ed were very good. Not only did they show us fabulous sights, nature and culture they introduced us to the locals and gave us fabulous service! The places they chose were great and the places we stayed were historical but very comfortable. I highly recommend Drive Albania. We have traveled to many places in Europe. This was probably one of the best. Don’t wait – the country is changing fast! 

Margaret Clark, June 2021

“My friend and I were supposed to travel in 2020, but Covid canceled our flights so we postponed for 2021. Ed gave us constant updates through all the covid related issues and planed everything during a very turbulent time. He answered all of my questions promptly (even if I asked multiple times). He adjusted the itinerary based on our new flights and even arrange for two additional friends to join half way through our tour making us a group of four. Ed personally picked everyone up from the airport (on three separate flights on three different days) and drove for hours to ensure the group was fully united! We had the pleasure of touring with Ed for a few days, and Ardi for the majority of our vacation. They were both knowledgeable, professional, made wonderful food suggestions and were delightful company! Our tour was so thoroughly planned and went so smoothly, that our group began to joke that Drive Albania was controlling everything including the weather!”

Annette Poluse, June 2021

“Ed was wonderful to deal with – always quick with replies and happy to make changes and answer my endless questions. He certainly gave us an itinerary to suit us. Our guide, Ardi, was also brilliant – I can’t praise him enough. He quickly assessed what we liked and didn’t like and would make small changes to the itinerary, after consulting us and Ed. We loved the fact he was so generous with his time and we really enjoyed the fact that we ate most nights together and he shared his insights into the people and its history. One time we went off-road and stayed almost on the edge of a cliff in a canyon. It was wonderful to be in such a beautiful part of the world and feel like we were the only people there. Albania is a wonderful country and will always have great memories of its people and places.”

Sheryl Keen, October 2019

“We have been reflecting on our recent trip and wanted to thank Drive Albania for devising such a wonderful itinerary – it was an inspiring introduction to south Albania. We appreciated the thought that had gone into the choice of hotels and restaurants which provided a variety of different and enjoyable experiences. We appreciated every part of the trip. The off-roading gave us the chance to see the stunning countryside and reach remote villages, and we greatly valued our driver and guide, Ardi, and the skilled way he enabled us to learn and understand something about Albania both past and present, and also to meet and interact with local people. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he willingly adapted the itinary to enable us to see and do more. This trip has ignited a desire in both of us to visit Albania again so that we can discover more about this fascinating country and its people and we would like to travel with Drive Albania again.”

Mark & Lizzie Chittleboro, September 2019

“We chose to do Drive Albania’s Southern and Northern tours back-to-back and were rewarded with as rich and varied an experience any traveller could hope to have. Ed has a great network of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants, so we always ate and slept well. Driving off-road was an essential part of the tour and enabled us to see the beautiful hinterland which is a mixture of Austria, Norway and Provence all rolled into one. Most tourists in larger tour groups do not see this part of Albania and we wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. Our driver, Ardi, knows the country like the back of his hand and was an excellent guide and a very safe and capable driver. He worked very hard to make our holiday enjoyable and hassle-free. Not speaking the language, we had to rely on him almost completely! We recommend that you visit this wonderful country before others find out about it.”

Graham & Elaine McNeilly, September 2019

“We spent four days walking the Accursed Mountains in Albania and Kosovo. Ed from Drive Albania was very quick to respond to my enquiry – I told him the type of walking we were looking for and he built a bespoke programme for us, tweaking it following feedback. We were provided with a guide who himself had been born and bred in Albania. Not only was he able to guide us on the walks, but he had a thorough local knowledge of the flora and fauna, as well as the cultural customs of the local people. Whilst the walks could be quite strenuous, the scenery and the shepherds’ huts we stayed in made it all worthwhile. The Albanian hospitality was second-to-none, and the food some of the best we have ever eaten. At the end of the holiday we felt a huge sense of achievement and it has certainly raised the bar for future trips. We cannot thank enough Ed and his team and in particular a big thanks to Nik our guide, Mephmut the horse handler and Dori the horse (who carried our bags).”

Atamjit Sandhu & Suzannah Beazley, August 2019

“I just wanted to say, on behalf of the whole family, how much we enjoyed our trip to Albania. It was a really fantastic experience and everyone loved it. It was certainly a full-on week, but we all felt we got a really good mix of things to do and a really good feel for the country. We all learnt a lot of history! Highlights were the lake trip, Gjakova, the river swim in Peshkopi, and Kruja but it was all great. Ardi and Nick were both excellent and were very flexible and drove very safely too! Thanks again for the great organisation and for looking after us so well!”

Rachel Grant, July 2019

“We greatly enjoyed the tour. As for our highlights, I will name the following three. The journey through the canyon on the river bed was an awesome experience. At times it seemed surreal to be able to drive in that wild environment. Another was the stay at the desolate beach were we were able to make camp and enjoy the sunset. It is an awesome and inaccessible place. We both enjoying driving there and staying there equally. Finally the part of the trip were we drove over the green hilltops following indistinct tracks, was also fantastic. At one time we stopped to enjoy the view and shared some of our lunch with a very friendly shepherd. I would greatly recommend Drive Albania to people looking for an adventurous trip, while still enjoying the luxury of great homestays and new, reliable cars.”

Martijn van Ginneken, June 2019

“Our time with Ed and Ardi was very special. Together they chose excellent hotels and the way they pampered us with special stopovers, luggage handling, smooth check-ins, finding the right roads and car parks, getting us ‘there’ on time had us feeling absolutely secure and safe. How could we ever have managed such a relaxing holiday without such tailored service? At no time did we worry about anything at all even though we were in countries that we knew little about and with language barriers.

“With Ardi’s charm and language skills, we were free of worries at border crossings or barriers between ourselves and the lovely people we encountered. In Tirana, they managed to find us delicious food experiences and we felt very happy and privileged to be there among such charming people. Altogether we could not have asked for a more relaxing travel experience.”

John & Leonie Anderson, June 2019

“Ed and his team were friendly, accessible, knowledgeable and professional at all times. Our trip was well organised and tailor made perfectly as Ed listened and responded to all of our requests – his recommendations for restaurants and ‘tourist’ attractions were great. Communication was prompt at all times. We never felt alone. Accommodation was perfect as were all the staff. The hike through the mountains was amazing, highlighting the beauty of the Albanian Alps. We have travelled extensively throughout the world and without a doubt the Albanian people were consistently friendly, happy and willing to help at all times. We would highly recommend Ed and his team for anybody travelling through Albania.”

Paul Schober, June 2019

“I always knew the Lada Niva was a formidable off-road vehicle but, despite having owned one for several years, I’d only ever driven it on tarmac so this was a chance to put it through its paces. But the truth was it was more a test of my nerve rather than the vehicles capability. Ed asked me to rate the very first off-road challenge out of 10 to gauge my comfort zone and then plotted the next routes accordingly so the driving was always enjoyable and never beyond my capabilities.

“We love that this kind of trip isn’t for everyone, as it meant we got to get enjoy the unspoiled purity of being miles and miles from most other holidaymakers. Knowing we were in such safe, capable hands, we always felt that Ed was looking out fo us, and ended our Balkan adventure determined to come back next year to explore a different part of Albania.”

Graham Buckingham, June 2019

“We had a really wonderful trip with your company – thanks so much! I think Stuart mentioned we followed pretty much all of your suggestions for meals and enjoyed them all a great deal. Mullixhiu in particular was fab, but also both fish restaurants – on the lagoon at Lezhë and at Narta. And Koço’s in Berat. In fact, all of them! We really wished we had put a few more days into Albania so perhaps we will be back. We will certainly be in touch with you if so.”

Stuart & Pim Allen, June 2019

“I really don’t know where to start. My trip to Albania so exceeded my expectations and I think a lot of that is owed to Ed Reeves, who listened to me about what I was looking for in my trip and planned it for me perfectly! Also, he was always very quick to respond to my emails with all my many questions.

“Then there were our two guides/drivers, Henri and Elton, who were absolutely incredible. The 10-day trip that Ed planned was in southern Albania and it was for myself and my 26 year-old-daughter. Much of the travel took place on rocky dirt roads that often ran along or through mountains. We always felt totally safe in the hands of the boys. Their skill on this type of terrain was impressive (as well as a lot of fun).

“There are so many memorable places and experiences that I have. One of my favorite was when we set off on a picnic lunch. Henri had heard about an area and set off to find it. We followed dirt roads and then left the roadway for a path that he made his way through which eventually opened up to the most beautiful spot. We set out a blanket and had a wonderful lunch and then afterwards we all just lied on our backs and enjoyed the beautiful clouds. It was just perfect!”

JoAnne Cross, June 2019

“Before we went to Albania, friends warned us about the perils of travelling through ‘bandit country’. Even though – quite clearly – they had never been themselves. Then, after coming back and waxing lyrical about the incredible landscapes and declaring it one of the most stunning countries we’d ever visited (on a par with Mongolia for pure drama and variety) people assumed I must be working for the tourist board, as it was the only thing we could talk about.

“As someone who thinks spontaneity and memorable adventures go hand in hand, but appreciates a bit of structure to our travels, this trip was absolutely perfect – a proper ‘choose your own adventure’ story. It’s so rare that you get to decide where to set up camp for the night, and we woke up to some of the most memorable views we’ll probably ever have, all against the backdrop of the tinkling of goat bells and the twinkling of stars. Some of these spots were thanks to Ed’s brilliant suggestions, while others we found along the way. And Ed was also very good at steering us away from the few tourist hot-spots to lesser-known gems, so we barely saw any other tourists. Just the way we like it!”

Suzannah Seyghal, June 2019

“We had a superior experience with Drive Albania! Thanks to the team – Ed Reeves, our guide Ardi, and their supporting staff – our trip to Albania was fabulous and beyond expectations.

“Ed planned our activities meticulously, accommodating our wishes for backcountry hiking, bird-watching, and botany. Ardi obviously loves his country and has an outstanding knowledge of everything Albanian. His fun-loving personality made our two weeks an unforgettable experience. He showed utmost concern for our well-being and drove expertly on some exciting mountainous roads.

“We enjoyed a great variety of local dishes prepared by our hosts at guest houses in remote villages, as well as locally grown, organic five-star cuisine in lively urban settings. We recommend Drive Albania without reservation.”

Vera Markgraf, Mindy Bell & Kathy Hilton, May 2019

“This was a fantastic experience and tour – gorgeous scenery and very few tourists to compete with. Our guide, Ardi, was absolutely fantastic – always making sure we were being taken care of and even modifying the itinerary at our request. A very high service level.

“We stayed at two guesthouses, which really personalised the experience and off-roaded for a couple of days in the mountains, which was one of the highlights of the adventure. We would absolutely use Drive Albania again.”

Jeff Getz, May 2019

“We realy enjoyed driving the Lada. It was a cool way to explore Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo! Without a doubt the perfect car for driving on the dirt roads in the mountains. Thanks for the great service as well – we never experienced such a relaxed way of hiring a car before!”

Nick & Stella van der Heide, May 2019

“We, as two friends (25 & 27 years old), visited Albania for 10 days to explore the real Albanian nature and culture. There was no better way to explore Albania than a Drive Albania tour. We booked a completely accommodated self-drive tour for five days and, in addition, five days without any planning but with the Lada Niva 4×4. The car was great – it could literally handle everything, even to Gjipë beach on sharp and wet rocks.

“Ed and Ardi guided us extremely well on WhatsApp during the first five days and in our ‘free’ days they gave a lot of suggestions to get the real Albanian experience. Not only on the routes, but also on restaurants and accommodation. It’s a perfect mix between exploring the country by yourself and getting suggestions from the locals. Sometimes the routes were tough, but that’s what we came for!

“On the last day Ed and Ardi invited us for dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant in Tirana – good atmosphere, nice people and great food. The evening ended in going out with Ardi and he took us to some cool local bars. Without Ed and Ardi we would never have had such a great holiday! We absolutely recommend to book your trip with Drive Albania!”

Tom Seggers, April 2019

“Unique and unconventional tours to wild, unexplored places, the best and friendliest guides, the coolest cars, fair, transparent prices and the most helpful, funny owner: Drive Albania is definitely THE company you should contact if you’re planning a trip to the Balkans. So of course we contacted Ed again when, after an amazing trip in September 2017, we decided to go back to the Balkans in February 2019 for more crazy roads, astonishing scenery and raki!

“I cannot credit the Drive Albania team enough: they once more put together a very well-organised tour that fitted us perfectly. After a week of a scenic self-driving through Montenegro, we explored some more of the Albanian mountains with lovely guide Henri, and on our request, he took us wild camping (in the snow!). The Lada Niva 4x4s are awesome: fun to drive, lovely on photos and very good for off-roading.

“I’m so glad we went back, it was again a true adventure. The Balkans are amazingly beautiful and the best place in Europe for off-roading and wild camping. The Drive Albania team made us feel so welcome – it was like seeing old friends again. Ed, Henri and Ardi are incredible people: always friendly, funny, flexible and very knowledgeable about the Balkans. I’m sure we will be back for a third time (I’ve heard they have rooftop tents for the Ladas now, need to test that..).”

Sarah van Kampen, February 2019

“I had a great experience with Drive Albania. Ed responded promptly to my enquiry about a custom tour for a single traveller in the off-season. The company built an excellent and ambitious itinerary which they fulfilled. My guide Ardi was enthusiastic, patient, and ever attentive. I highly recommend this company!”

John Bragg, February 2019

“Ed from Drive Albania put together a great 12-day trip for us, filled with superb road-biking opportunities. Our guide, Nick, was a former Olympian and Albanian road biking champion, and was always nearby in his 4×4, with water and snacks. We stayed in great hotels every night, food was plentiful, tasty and inexpensive. We would definitely recommend Albania as a destination and Drive Albania to set up your tour. Five stars.”

Harley Winger, November 2018

“My husband and I spent two weeks in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo with Drive Albania. Planning the trip was very easy as Ed, the owner, answered our emails and questions immediately and together with his knowledge and our special requests to visit/see certain places, created an exciting itinerary.

“We credit Henri, our driver/guide (and who soon became our friend) with the success of our trip. His English is excellent, his knowledge of Albania and the sites we visited was extensive, he is an excellent and safe driver and he is very friendly and engaging person.

“If you want to explore a beautiful country, rich in culture and and wilderness experiences, go to Albania. It is not inundated with tourists. The people are hospitable and kind and the food is excellent. It is a gem!”

Nancy Money, October 2018

“A great introduction to Albania and Kosovo. Fantastically friendly people and a super-good driver and guide, who constantly made the journey for us.”

Torben Jørgensen, September 2018

“Our trip to the Balkans, beginning in Tirana, Albania, and ending in Zagreb, Croatia, has been a wonderful journey for us. Ed helped me plan the trip and our driver was Ardi. We cannot thank Ardi enough. We got to go high into the mountains of Albania and do some hiking, and visit many places throughout the Balkans. Ardi is a remarkable young man, prompt, responsible, kind and patient. Very good company and an excellent driver.”

Mary Labee, September 2018

“Many thanks for arranging such a brilliant holiday for us. It was a great trip, exceeding our expectations, with spectacular routes and amazing sites – natural and historic. Your choice of itinerary, hotels and restaurant recommendations were spot-on and we got to so many places we’d never have reached without your advice – despite thinking of ourselves as fairly intrepid travellers.”

Helen Baylis, September 2018

“We had heard Albania was a beautiful country to visit but didn’t know where to start. When I reached out to Drive Albania, Ed was super helpful and designed a trip that suited our timeframe and what we wanted to experience. We spent an amazing three days off road driving. Staying with a family in the Kurvelesh Mountains was a truly unique experience and Petrit and his family were incredibly welcoming. They cooked delicious meals for us using all fresh ingredients grown on their land. Camping on Gjipe beach was beautiful and Ed was helpful in providing what we needed to make our trip perfect. We highly recommend booking a trip with Drive Albania and experiencing everything Albania has to offer!”

Rebecca Hunt, August 2018

“We had a wonderful trip thanks to the expertise of you and your colleagues concerning the countries and places to visit. The road trip exceeded our expectations in many ways! Also, we were very happy with the flexibility during the trip and that we could stay in touch via WhatsApp. We have recommened Drive Albania to family and friends already as the trip was perfectly arranged!”

Janneke Smees, August 2018

“We’d like to congratulate you for having such a perfect guide and driver such as Nesti – he really lived up to our expectations with a big plus! We had no major hiccups and Nesti was flexible to our wish to make a small change to the programme. We’ll gladly recommend Drive Albania to anyone going in that direction – and we still have the southern part to discover!”

Leif & Ingrid Borgstrom, August 2018

“We are fortunate to have travelled to lots of places and this trip (tailored for us) was simply fantastic and right up there with the best of what we have ever done. The tour took us from tops of mountains to beautiful lakes and on to stunning beaches – from villages to cities and everything else in-between. Here was a company who listened to their customers and delivered in every way.

“Most of our trip was spent with Ardi, who is an unbelievably awesome guide and a fabulous driver. We had tons of fun and learnt so much about Albania. We loved the flexibility that a private tour afforded us and we were able to make decisions on the fly – if we wanted to go the long way, we could; skip a place, sure; go on a hike, you bet – the list goes on.

“Would we unreservedly recommend Drive Albania? You bet! Would we go to Albania again? In a heartbeat – it’s magic.”

Mark & Anne Evans, August 2018

“There is absolutely no way we could have done the things we did and got to the places we went without inside knowledge and a guide. Ardi was fantastic, he gave us lots of options and added to the tour by being great fun. He also gave us lots of tips for our ongoing travels through Montenegro – if we could we would have kept him with us for the rest of our trip around Europe!”

Peter & Marianne Sydney, August 2018

“Did I tell you the Gloria Mundi sorority group had a FANTASTIC tour with you guys? Thanks for your cooperation and very good services!”

Susan Watertor, Younique Travel, Amsterdam, July 2018

“Other than ‘fabulous, would do it again tomorrow, best holiday ever’ sort of thing there’s not much to add. Will be in touch in 2019 to plan another trip!”

Kath Ryan, July 2018

“Every step of the way, our guide Ardi was fantastic in helping us understand the local cultures and experiences. Terrific service and looking forward to heading back to Albania again.”

Timothy Exner, July 2018

“Our three girls are realising how special the trip was, from the Land Rover to skinny dipping in remote rivers, to the secret beach, to the mountain climbing in Kosovo…”

Miranda Lazeroms, July 2018

“We enjoyed our self-drive holiday very much! The new Lada 4×4 provided by Drive Albania did a great job and was really fun to drive…”

Peter Stroomberg, July 2018

“We are back home and trying to process the most awesome and inspiring journey that you and your colleagues have given us, memories that will last forever. Your professionalism and knowledge of Albanian history was nothing less than amazing.”

Nigel Hands, June 2018

“What can I say? Ed, Henri and Adi where truly amazing. Not only had they done their homework and found history we where unaware of, they were pure entertainment all the way. Their knowledge of the terrain, culture, and people of Albania is immense, not forgetting their driving skills – and all done with such humour and aplomb.”

Elizabeth Glover, June 2018

“Our stay in Albania was awesome! This was mostly thanks to the extremely helpful service from Drive Albania. We drove around on our own in a new Lada Niva 4×4, got tips on routes, places to visit and even accommodation. It felt like we had a virtual tour guide, always reachable by WhatsApp, even on short notice. The tips were vital as we would have never found those amazing routes on our own. We would highly recommend Drive Albania, especially if you want to go a outside the normal tourist routes.”

Max Langstedt, June 2018

“We enjoyed three private day trips from Tirana with Ed and Nesti, one of his excellent Albanian guides. Drive Albania provides adventure, exceptional local experiences and the chance to reach remote and unspoiled parts of Albania. Highly recommended if you are looking to discover the lesser-travelled places in this fascinating country that is only just opening up to tourism.”

Chris & Dara Robinson, June 2018

“Drive Albania (Ed Reeves & Co) planned this trip fabulously. Our personal guide, Nesti, was top-notch professional and knowledgeable as well as personable. He became our family for the two weeks. A true treasure.”

Richard Picone, June 2018

“AMAZING is the world I have been using! I didn’t feel at all like I was on one of your typical tourist trips. Our guide Nesti was, as some of us Americans say, ‘The Cat’s Meow’. Just wonderful, so caring, so knowledgeable, a complete joy to be with. I can’t say enough about the team (including Bubi, Ed’s dog) and the trip.”

Barbara Froebel, June 2018

“Ardi, our guide through Macedonia and Albania, was great and highly entertaining. Overall we rate our quality of service as excellent. Five stars.”

Ralph Arnold, June 2018

“We want to tell you – this time not less than last year – that Ardi was again not only a good driver and an important guide but also a very helpful and thoughtful friend. Without him the trip would not have been so tip-top. We gladly will recommend your agency.”

Peter & Catherine Binnendijk, June 2018

“Henri was great. Nothing but amazing kudos for the experience. I definitely would use Drive Albania again if I choose to go back, which I hope to do in the future.”

Jeremy Pripstein, May 2018

“Five stars – for Nesti our driver and the overall care you took on this trip.”

Corine Arends, May 2018

“I had the great fortune of being paired up with Nesti. Here is the kind of guide who makes a journey. While sticking to the basic itinerary, he was always flexible, with grace and humor at all times. Had a great time, travelled many miles, had great dining experiences (none of the stupid crap with pre-arranged, tour approved restaurants) and many opportunities to travel the road less travelled. I’ve been to over 70 countries and this has been one of my favorite trips. Go before it all changes.”

David Spaeth, March 2018

“We really struggled to find people capable of both editorial and logistical support in Albania. Drive Albania were great to work with and provided us with everything we needed transport-wise. Beyond that Ardi has lots of local knowledge, was a great translator and provided us with story suggestions. It was only a shame that we didn’t meet Ed and his colleagues sooner…”

Sophia Lightfoot, Producer, BBC2’s The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, February 2018

“We are very pleased and happy from what we saw of the Albanian mountains and we left you with the promise that we would come back soon! So it’s your turn to organise us a new trip…”

Tasos Hatzis, Hatzis Ford Thessaloniki, January 2018

“Very off the beaten track, culturally engaging and personal. I would highly recommend anyone travelling to Albania and Kosovo to give Ed from Drive Albania a call!”

Daan Kuipers, Producer, 3 Op Reis, November 2017 

“To whomever is reading this: just book a tour with Drive Albania! You will not be disappointed and it will be a true adventure!”

Wouter de Bruin & Sarah van Kampen, September 2017

“We had an amazing Albania tour, an absolute blast… Anything you want is possible.”

Rene Montsma, September 2017

“I wanted to say what a fabulous Albania tour we had. The trip you organised really allowed us to get under the skin of the country – which I don’t think we could have done if we hadn’t got off-road into the mountains.”

Hillary Atherton, Alison Gibb & Liz Cleaver, September 2017

“We want to thank you again for your help… we are glad we chose Drive Albania for our tour and specially for the way Ardi was our driver/guide and far more than that.”

Peter & Catherine Binnendijk, September 2017

“We had an excellent tour through Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro and would thoroughly recommend using Drive Albania.”

Tim & Sue Fielder, September 2017

“Our driver, Henri (or, as he came to be known, ‘The Amazing Henri’) was a real gem. He was professional, a good driver, and very accommodating and flexible.”

Patricia Tiller, September 2017

“We are over-the-moon with getting such a taste of Albania in such a short time. The 4×4 was able to get us to off the beaten track but the secret was to have such a good driver as Nesti, Albanian born and very knowledgeable of the country and its history.”

Jim & Genevieve Gall, July 2017

“Henri was a super host and a real credit to Drive Albania. He drove well, talked a lot and generally looked after us immaculately.”

George Vlachonikolis, July 2017

“An Albanian Heineken experience!”

Geoff & Margaret Barnes, June 2017

“The organisation of the trip was faultless.”

Tim & Linda Messenger, June 2017

“Ardi’s kindness, patience and consideration for others make him an outstanding driver, not to mention that his English and German are excellent.”

Kathi & Kai Wanjohi, May 2017

“Our tour with Drive Albania was a unique experience and gave us an exceptional impression of the Albanian mountains. The organisation went smoothly, the drivers were professional and the hotels all perfect.”

Alexander & Anna Erb, May 2017

“Your superb team was brilliant, every one of them. Totally dynamic and engaging. If you are going to run the Southern Albania trip next year, I would be interested in being signed up. Right now, in fact.”

John Pindar, May 2017

“This was one of the best holidays that we have ever had!”

Geoff & Lynn Teale, May 2017

“Oh My God! We have had a fantastic holiday! Thank you so much for your excellent driving, your local knowledge, your translation of menus, and all the laughs you have given us.”

Peter & Heather Faulkner and Frieda Beeson, May 2017

“The landscapes in Albania are stunning and the off-road driving brought us into this scenery in a way that a road tour never could.”

Neil Amor, May 2017

“This is the second time I have been on tour with Drive Albania. l thought my first trip could not be bettered but I was wrong.”

 Jo Palmer, April 2017

“Nesti is a real gem. Perfect English, knowledgeable, safe, client-focused and a joy to be with.”

Zara Taylor, April 2017

“Our experience went beyond our expectations.”

Astrid Marschatz & Marino Pau, April 2017

“If you want to get back to nature with excellent drivers who are fun, friendly and a good team with banter and chat, this is the Albania adventure for you.”

Ray Comley, September 2016

“There are insufficient superlatives to describe the experience.”

Alan & Eleanor Fenn, September 2016

“Would I recommend Drive Albania? Well, I plan to go back next year…”

Sarah Prior, September 2016

“We had such fun together and Nesti was the perfect companion… I particularly enjoyed being able to take to the wheel myself when we got off-road.”

Stephen & Christine, and Emma and Louise Billingham, September 2016

“We are seasoned travellers and would still rate this as one of our best holidays.”

Karen & Andy Gill, September 2016

“Overall the trip was a great success. Albania is a country well worth visiting and I would not hesitate to recommend Drive Albania.”

Mike Springett, August 2016

“The night sky, unspoilt by light pollution was good, but made great by fireflies, moths, bats and owls spotted hunting. The camping was sublime. Nobody about. No noise. Just us and our campfire.”

Martin Sheward, July 2016

“We were delighted to have chosen Drive Albania for our holiday. From the moment we arrived, Ed, Ani and Ardi worked tirelessly to make sure our trip was hassle-free.

Martin & Erika Lindsay, June 2016

“These guys know what they are doing so sit back in the Land Rover and enjoy the beauty of Albania and Kosovo.”

Ken Smith, June 2016

“Dori and Nesti were fantastic and Bubi the Office Dog added his mark; they did a brilliant job. It was a fantastic adventure – we felt we really did see the real Albania.”

Bob & Fiona Robinson, June 2016

“I shall have no hesitation in recommending Drive Albania to anyone who I think will enjoy exploring the backwoods of the Balkans!”

James McLeod, May 2016

“Four-wheel drive adds a fourth dimension! Drive Albania can use its Land Rovers very flexibly, and, familiar with most routes and timing, assist on an itinerary to take you where you want to be.”

Jennie Anderson, May 2016

“We managed to reach some of the most spectacular places in the country – remote villages, alpine pastures and wild mountain scenery. This was only possible with the invaluable support we received throughout the trip from Drive Albania.”

John & Anne Wallington, May 2016

“I just can’t wait to go back.”

Charlie Nelson, April 2016

“I would like to thank you and your team for our superbly organised and great 10-day Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro 4×4 tour.”

Israel & Rachel Karmon, October 2015

“If you like holidays that show you something different, then book Drive Albania!”

Carole Lerway, October 2015

“Thank you for organising such an enjoyable trip and one which I will not forget for many years.”

Keith Jennings, September 2015

“Ed and his team are to be congratulated on putting together a fabulous trip – one that will live long in the memory.”

 Myles Munsey, November 2015

“Many thanks, Ed and Ardi, for a glorious week we will never forget.”

Paul Batho & Sarah Tenant-Flowers, July 2015

“The tour was a fabulous and delightful introduction to Albania, its people and their culture.”

Rob & Sylvia Johnstone, June 2015

“On both tours the off-road driving was a delight, fulfilling my highest expectations and distinguishing this journey from any other I might have chosen.”

Hilary Dennison, June 2015

“I can’t speak highly enough of our experience. We could do what we wanted, when we wanted. Nothing was too much trouble.”

Tessa Prior-Thompson, May 2015

“Thanks to Ed, Dori and all at Drive Albania for a great Albania Jeep tour which I fully intend to repeat.”

Paul Denham, May 2015

“We consider ourselves most privileged to be among the only tourists to meet these people and experience this region of Albania’s diverse and raw beauty.”

Jamie Anderson, October 2014

“Drive Albania produced an incredibly bespoke itinerary having conducted vast research and reconnaissance ahead of time, just to make sure that our requirements and expectations could be met – and these were exceeded.”

Mike Demenis, May 2014

“All in all an emotional family odyssey for my son and I, which was a four-wheel-drive adventure for us and our two friends.”

Alex Smyth, May 2014

“Drive Albania provided a bespoke service that was never found wanting.”

Jan Janiurek, May 2014

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